Organizing and conducting of filming
Full maintenance and support of the project.
Selection of actors and locations, administration, all
any necessary equipment.
Editing and Color correction
Non-linear digital editing.
Professional digital color correction in
accordance with international standards of filmmaking.
Visual effects for film
Computer graphics and animation

Effective tool in demand today in various fields
the movie industry and advertising.
The recording and mixing
Noise design
Recording audio on set, voice dubbing, re-recording and mixing of 2.0, 5.1 and M&E.
Professional creation of noise and sound effects for film and advertising.
Own sound and noise library.
Dubbing and adaptation
Dubbing of professional speakers - native speakers.
Translation of movies in English, German, French, Spanish and Hebrew.
Subtitling of films, including the replacement of intra-frame graphics.

Digital mastering
Conversion of films and commercials in a convenient digital format
and distribution of films, which used on modern film market.

Rent of equipment
in St. Petersburg
Professional lighting, sound and filming equipment.
Recording system, storage, logging material.
Special equipment for movie and television broadcasts.

Casting full length movies, TV shows,
commercials and promos. Screen tests for the actors.
More than 4000 actors in our database.

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